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Massage Therapy

    Massage Lotion & Skin Lotion

 A dual purpose lotion for use with massage and as an ultrasound couplant.  Pleasantly scented, non-staining.  Fortified with generous additions of Aloe-Vera, vitamins A-D-E, plus moisturizing emollients for satin-soft skin from head to toe.  Ideal for therapeutic massage and the delicate skin of non-ambulatory persons.  An alcohol-free, ph balanced, hypoallergenic "EXTRA RICH" formula that is completely water-soluble, grease-less and non-staining.

Note:  DERMA-ADE may be ordered with or without fragrance in gallons only, specify your preference.  Shipped with fragrance unless otherwise indicated.

 Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles and Gallon refill.

     Deep Tissue Massage Wax

   Formulated as a wax for both soft tissue massage and deep tissue          mobilization.  Excellent lubrication and perception.  Moisturizing,              unscented and hypoallergenic.  Contains NO beeswax to avoid skin        reaction to hypersensitive individuals.
   Available in a 15 oz. Jar.

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